The list of Webcomics I read (and enjoy immensely) daily
is embarrasingly long. However, there are a few amazing
artists out there who are indirectly responsible for the
existence of NGB, and I'd like to acknowledge and
thank them here:


Bill Watterson
Calvin and Hobbes

What is there to say about Calvin & Hobbes?
This is the Shakespeare of the 20th century.


Berke Breathed
Bloom County

ACK! Far too many hours of high school were
spent either reading or drawing Bill the Cat. It's
more than likely where I get my sarcastic view
of life and politics.


Jeph Jacques
Questionable Content & Indietits

If I had to pick just one comic to read every day,
it would be QC. Indietits and its static artwork
is the thing that convinced me that I could do
a webcomic, even if I had to rely more on writing
than on my admittedly limited art. Jeph is the man.


Danielle Corsetto
Girls With Slingshots

Danielle is just awesome, and the subtlety of
her artwork mesmerizes me.


Jennie Breeden
The Devil's Panties

Jennie is a comic-making machine, and her fans
do, indeed, rock. Her example, advice and the
support of the nice folks on her forum helped
make me the aspiring webcomic guy I am today
(no give backs! haaaaaaha!)